The Royal Academy of Cambodia (RAC) on July 25th granted Lok Chumteav Dr. Bun Rany “Kattiprittbandit” title which is the RAC’s highest honorary title in
response to her remarkable contributions to the nation on various angles. Kattiprittbandit is a privileged title nominated by RAC; the title is only attached to any distinguished Cambodian with his or her signifi cant contributions to the nation to sustain society, culture, economy, in complement to his or her recognition internationally on humanitarian and human rights acts. Kattiprittbandit was commonly agreed by the permanent members of academicians of Royal Academy of
Cambodia via the request made by RAC President and consequently approved by his majesty the King.

RAC President, Dr. Klot Thida said: according to the National Committee for Khmer Language and RAC’ academic team, “Kittiprittbandit” title should not be translated into any foreign languages (French or English) because the title is not equivalent to these two languages.

“H.E. Bun Rany is the great example of a wife, mother, and grandmother for other Khmer women, and an outstanding lady in Cambodian society and she also is a rare woman in the world,” Dr. Klot Thida said during the ceremony of hand-over for the Kittiprittbandit title at The Peace Palace here. Dr. Klot Thida said: “Lok
Chumteav, Dr. Bun Rany, President of Cambodian Red Cross, and wife of Cambodian Premier Samdech Techo Hun Sen is a distinguished lady among the three highest ranking people who received RAC’s Kittiprittbandit title— Samdech Heng Samrin, National Assembly’s President, and Senate President Samdech Chea Sim.”

The document from the ceremony said: “Dr. Bun Rany was involved in the national liberation army while she was only 16 years-old (1970-1979). After the victory day of January 7, 1979, she has sponsored orphanage centers to help restore education and capacity building to thousands of Cambodian orphans. Since 1996, she
established various vocational training and career development centers for youth and marginalized families. From April 30, 1998, she was nominated as President of the Cambodian Red Cross-the Kingdom’s largest humanitarian agency. Through her walk of life, she has focused on maternal and children health care, social morals, women’s value and Khmer families, and contributed to fi ghting against drugs and the elimination of human traffi cking, fi ghting HIV/ AIDS, and various masterpieces which could be noticed by people in the entire nation.

“In fact, the various achievements attained so far have required the elites to think altogether…that it demands high capability, skill, virtue of those elites and scientists, which play as formative to improve willingness and common sense to develop our nation with sustainability,” H.E. Dr. Bun Rany said during the ceremony.
“I am proud and cordially thankful to the Royal Academy of Cambodia in granting Kittiprittbandit title to me.” She highlighted the RAC’s integral role to uplift the Kingdom’s think tanks in human resource development. Royal Academy of Cambodia is the Kingdom’s highest research and training center, re-opening to
produce Cambodia’s think tanks and academicians to serve the nation on various angles.

The agency contains six institutes; cultural and fi ne arts institute (fi ve departments), humanity and social science institute (eight departments), biology, medical science, and agriculture institute (four departments), science and technologies institute (fi ve departments), national language institute (four departments), and international relation institute (six departments including 32 departments of two subjects each) and also, there are fi ve other centers, such as Asian research center (Korea), Cambodia-English training center (India), Confucian institute topic management center, and an information technology center. Moreover, RAC contains an elibrary with 300 books in Khmer; whereas another four million books are foreign languages (Chinese sources cover 70 percent). RAC’s permanent members are now 14 – 10 are living in the country including Samdech Prime Minister Hun Sen, where four others are staying abroad. The Royal Academy of Cambodia
(RAC) was established in 1965, but unfortunately, without full progression due to prevailing civil wars which brought it to its complete closure in 1970; then on May 11, 1999, RAC was re-established just in the early Royal Government of Cambodia’s second mandate. (SEAW)

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