India plans to export more handicraft products to Cambodia

36th Indian handicraft and gift fair

36th indian handicraft and gift fair

Indian handicraft during the fair

Indian handicrafts boost export to international markets.

Indian Export Council and companies are looking at the Cambodian market to expand further export of handicrafts. The trends of Indian handicraft products are continuing to grow. At the same time, Cambodian people nowadays, like watching Indian movies specially, series opera of Indian.

On the side lines of the fair, Mr. Rakesh Kumar, executive director of export promotion council for handicraft said: For Cambodia, we are so interested in Cambodia; we want to learn more on how to make business and working style in Cambodia especially, on handicraft sector. Cambodia is very well made and good at in crafting of ruby and famous with ceramics. “Very soon, we will have the meeting to exchange experts who can share views and information.” He adds.

He said: Mostly, we exported mental areas and wood products, necklace products to Cambodia, he said, adding that we exported the handicraft products for about few million US dollars.
Mr. Sidharth Surana, director of Navkar woollens pvt. Ltd said we want to find the Cambodian partners who are interested in importing the wool products such clothes for children. We have different types of products that are available for customers in the Asean bloc.
Mr. Gauray Kumar, marketing executive of Lata Glass handicraft export said as you can see we have many types of luxurious products of glass that are important for decorating households, restaurants, and hotels and so on. These types of products are designing with very innovative and unique.

An Indian reporter from Indian media PTI said: Indian products could not compete with Chinese handicraft products because china produced with machine, but Indian products were hand made. “Indian people need to apply more high tech into handicraft to improve figures of products to compete with other handicraft products in the world,” he noted. “India is now producing the handicraft products that could fit with people’s styles. These trends are continuing to grow up daily. Therefore, Indian Export Council is now trying to push it forward.”

Mr. Virat Kumar, Zinnia India Handicraft Company who exported and manufacturer of scarves, bags, pareos, beach wear and ready -made cotton, viscose and woollen printed shawl said we need small and medium customers to buy our products, and we also need small business people, but it is sustainable for business transaction that is useful for us.

Tah Mahaj mausoleum is a unique object of humanity and that Indian people were built it by hands. It was covered with white marble with styles. Generally the civilization and culture cannot escape from handicraft products, which reflected the culture and livelihoods of the people in the world. The handicraft is one of human being’s products before using machines and come up with materialism. All people have their own unique of crafting the handicraft for supplying markets especially, foreign tourists who want to know further about livelihoods of people.

36th Indian handicrafts and gift fair

The 36th Indian handicrafts and Gifts were officially opened in New Delhi on Tuesday to promote the handicraft of the country as the export of the products increased to $3.3 billion in 2012-2013.
It will be held from 15-18, October, 2013 at India expo center and mart, greater Noida, Delhi NCR. The items in the fair are housewares, decorative and gifts, home textiles and furnishing and floors covering, fashion jewelry accessories and bags, Christmas decorations , candles, and incense, and furniture and home accessories.
Dr K Sambasiva Rao, union minister of Textiles, government of India also said: Indian’s handicrafts have an enormous tapped. It is not only a major source of foreign exchange earners to the country but also assists in generation of employment and improving livelihood of crafts persons engaged in the sector.
“The event today is to open new horizon to Indian handicraft manufacturers and exporters as their innovatively designed products and gifts items offer a vast variety to buyers, to source their items of choice from India.” “The fair would also present an excellent opportunity for building long term global business partnership and helps test new product lines among buyers from various markets and obtain invaluable information from their feedback.
This IHGF autumn 2013 attracts 2000 plus exhibitors and 600 international buyers and they are Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE, Russia, Hong Kong, Europe, and ASEAN countries. and Middle East, Latin America and central Rasia.
Indian handicrafts and gifts have grown in many folds in last 18 years both Indian handicrafts in terms of participant viz-a-vis overseas buyers. “Overseas buyers have increased over the years due to the focus publicly launched for the promotion of IHFG. Number of the overseas buyers have increased and touched the record of 8000, the export promotion council for handicrafts (EPCH) said. The council noted that in the year 1994, when IHGF was started, there were only 313 exhibitors.
“The exports of handicrafts from india were of the order of over $576 million in the year 1994 when the Indian handicraft and gift fairs was visualized with the objectives of increasing exports. In the year of 2012-2013, the exports of handicrafts from Indian were of order of $3304.9 million,” the export promotion council for handicrafts said, adding that the craftsmen are ultimate beneficiary who due to large export orders can get more than livelihood. ( Longheng Chhang)

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